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Monday May 14, 2012

AAFP.org Coming Soon to a Mobile Device Near You

When it comes to interacting with for-profit companies, consumers expect to be able to do just about anything -- banking, downloading music, paying bills, shopping or even making dinner reservations -- via their mobile device.

Although most nonprofit companies aren't quite as advanced in mobile technology, the AAFP is working on making it possible for us to engage with the Academy on our smartphones or tablet computers as easily as when we buy something on Amazon.com. That means we won't have to be in front of a desktop or laptop computer to

  •  find and report CME;
  • engage with our peers on AAFP Connection;
  • register for AAFP events;
  • access Academy resources;
  • read AAFP news and journals; and
  • view and make purchase from the Academy's catalog.

The upgrade also will allow us to, ahem, pay dues anytime, anywhere.

With more than 20,000 web pages to optimize for mobile devices, however, it likely won't happen overnight. The website also will be redesigned during this process, and the goal is for both projects to be completed by June 2013.

I realize that's a little more than a year from now, but I wanted to let you know the Academy is working on this because communication is critical in a member organization. When this work is completed, we will all be able to communicate with each other and the AAFP even better.

Glen Stream, M.D., M.B.I., is president of the AAFP.

Posted at 03:57PM May 14, 2012 by Glen Stream, M.D., M.B.I.

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