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Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

New Member Benefit Delta-Exchange Can Help Practices Transform to PCMHs

Talk about good timing.

As family physicians are being presented with opportunities to participate in programs that test new payment models based on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), the AAFP and TransforMED -- the Academy's wholly owned subsidiary -- are making a new member benefit available to help transform your practices.

When it launched three years ago, TransforMED's Delta-Exchange service was a fee-based, social networking resource where participants could exchange stories and ask questions about transforming their practices to medical homes.

Since then, more than 3,500 medical professionals have registered for Delta-Exchange and are using it to:

  • access PCMH best practices,
  • ask questions of their colleagues or TransforMED's expert staff;
  • connect with other physicians who are transforming their practices; and
  • share their own success stories.

Now, this very successful networking opportunity is available to AAFP members as a free service that is a part of their membership in the Academy.

Now that the service is an AAFP member benefit, the number of Delta-Exchange users is expected to grow exponentially now that the service is a member benefit, so there will be even more of your colleagues online who you can connect with to talk about practice transformation.

Delta-Exchange also is a starting point for physicians who hope to participate in programs such as the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (CPCI) that CMS announced in September. Participation in that program -- which will blend fee-for-service payments with a risk-adjusted per-patient, per-month care-coordination fee and offer practices an opportunity to share in savings resulting from the CPCI -- will be limited to about 70 practices in each of the seven health care markets selected to be part of the pilot project.

To be considered for the CPCI -- and other programs that test alternative payment models -- physicians will need to demonstrate that they already are working on practice transformation. Delta-Exchange can help you be prepared when these types of opportunities knock.

And Delta-Exchange isn't the only free service the AAFP and TransforMED are offering. As a member of Delta Exchange, you will have access to a series of webinars that TransforMED and the AAFP are offering throughout the year. These webinars will provide information on a variety of practice transformation topics.

Posted at 10:22AM Feb 01, 2012 by Glen Stream, M.D., M.B.I.

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