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Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

I'm listening

Welcome to the AAFP Leader Voices blog. This new blog is an opportunity for leaders of the Academy to engage with members on a more personal basis.

AAFP members are a varied group and with so many disparate viewpoints, it's no surprise that members sometimes feel as if the Academy's leaders aren't listening to their opinions. I am committed to improving communication with you during my year as president. This new blog is one step in meeting that goal. This online forum will offer family physicians an opportunity to hear and be heard on issues of importance to the specialty.

I'll offer regular updates on what the Academy is doing on members' behalf. In turn, you can offer feedback by posting comments. I look forward to thoughtful discussions.

I also plan to communicate via Twitter and Facebook( This approach will offer immediacy and transparency. Whether I'm lobbying on Capitol Hill, meeting with a state chapter, or attending a medical conference, you will know exactly what I'm doing on your behalf.

Follow me on Twitter @aafpprez(

These are challenging times for our specialty, but the family medicine movement is gaining momentum. As I look forward to the coming year, I see tremendous opportunities because we know family medicine is the answer to the health care challenges we face as a nation.

These new social media channels will allow me to let you know about the Academy's activities while also getting valuable feedback from you about how our actions affect you and your practice.

I'm here for you, and I'm listening. Let the conversation begin. 

Posted at 09:39AM Sep 14, 2011 by Glen Stream, M.D., M.B.I.

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