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Wednesday Jun 19, 2019

Mentoring Is Key to Expanding Primary Care Pipeline

Reaching family medicine's ambitious workforce goals will take creativity and collaboration. Dennis Gingrich, M.D., offers an example that has made a difference in Pennsylvania.

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Posted at 02:01PM Jun 19, 2019 by Dennis Gingrich, M.D. | Comments [0]

Wednesday May 29, 2019

Weight of New 'M.D.' Carries Rewarding Responsibility

Newly graduated family physician Chandler Stisher, M.D., M.P.H., reflects on what the two new letters after his name mean for him, his patients and his community.

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Posted at 04:06PM May 29, 2019 by Chandler Stisher | Comments [0]

Friday Mar 15, 2019

We Matched! Now What?

Chandler Stisher was one of thousands of fourth-year medical students who matched to family medicine residency programs on Friday. In this Leader Voices Blog post, he shares some of the words that resonated most strongly with him as he approached Match Day.

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Posted at 12:30PM Mar 15, 2019 by Chandler Stisher | Comments [0]

Thursday Mar 07, 2019

Spread the Word: Teaching Health Centers Deserve Support

Bills have been introduced in Congress that would authorize funding for the teaching health center program. Resident Michelle Byrne, M.D., M.P.H., makes the case for supporting the model, and tells others how they can help.

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Posted at 02:54PM Mar 07, 2019 by Michelle Byrne, M.D., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Monday Feb 25, 2019

Finding the Right Mentor Is Worth the Quest

Mentors, regardless of specialty, can have a profound effect on students. AAFP President-elect Gary LeRoy, M.D., writes in this Leader Voices Blog post that a surgeon helped start him on his way to a career in medicine.

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Posted at 02:28PM Feb 25, 2019 by Gary LeRoy, M.D. | Comments [0]

Monday Feb 04, 2019

True Mentors Help Students Find Where They Belong

Medical student Chandler Stisher writes that family medicine mentors should show students how the specialty aligns with their interests.

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Posted at 01:09PM Feb 04, 2019 by Chandler Stisher | Comments [0]

Wednesday Jan 23, 2019

Family of Family Medicine Is Working to Expand the Workforce

An ambitious initiative to expand the family medicine pipeline is the latest example of collaboration among the specialty's eight national organizations.

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Posted at 09:37AM Jan 23, 2019 by Michael Munger, M.D. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Dec 18, 2018

What a Barefoot Patient Taught Me About Health Equity

Resident Michelle Byrne, M.D., M.P.H., writes in this Leader Voices Blog post that she was drawn to family medicine by a desire to be trained by physicians who are committed to addressing social justice and health equity.

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Posted at 03:22PM Dec 18, 2018 by Michelle Byrne, M.D., M.P.H. | Comments [0]

Tuesday Nov 20, 2018

Bustling Clerkship Shows Family Medicine Is Never Boring

Chandler Stisher saw the excitement of family medicine for himself in his first third-year clerkship. He writes that the primary care physician shortage could be eased if more students were exposed to the full potential of family medicine.

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Posted at 01:30PM Nov 20, 2018 by Chandler Stisher | Comments [0]

Tuesday Sep 04, 2018

Don't Forget Why You Chose Medicine in the First Place

Leonard Reeves, M.D., writes that remembering why you chose a career in medicine can be as important as how you go about pursuing that career.

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Posted at 01:05PM Sep 04, 2018 by Leonard Reeves, M.D. | Comments [0]

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