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03/15/2019 — The 2019 Match numbers mark a decade of year-over-year growth for family medicine, with a total of 3,848 medical students and graduates matching into the specialty -- 313 more than in 2018.

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Researchers Calculate Medical School Production of FPs

More Family Physicians Could Crush Primary Care Shortage

03/15/2019 — An article published in the March issue of Family Medicine identifies factors that contribute to allopathic and osteopathic institutions' output of family physicians over time.

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What Drives Medical Students to Choose Family Medicine?

FMAHealth Focus Groups Uncover Key Factors

03/05/2019 — Results of focus group sessions with medical students at allopathic schools across the United States show that the decision to specialize in family medicine is influenced by several factors.

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Family Medicine for America's Health

Workforce Tactic Team Sets Stage to Increase Ranks of FPs

03/04/2019 — A recent article in Family Medicine sums up the outcomes of three years of work by the Family Medicine for America's Health Workforce Education & Development Tactic Team.

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