AAFP, ABFM to Launch Unified Credit Reporting Process

Gain Performance Improvement CME Credit, Certification Activity Credit Simultaneously

July 10, 2017 05:08 pm News Staff

AAFP members overwhelmingly agree that the Academy's CME programs and credit reporting system are what they value most about their membership. So it comes as welcome news that it will soon be easier than ever before to claim credit for your performance improvement CME activities -- both with the AAFP and with the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM).  

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That's because the AAFP and ABFM are teaming up to create a more seamless credit-reporting experience for family physicians. When the new process is implemented, members can use the AAFP as their one-stop shop for all their CME credit reporting needs.

Here's how this plays out.

In its role as one of the nation's three CME accrediting bodies, the AAFP works with CME provider organizations that wish to have their CME activities -- including performance improvement activities -- certified for AAFP Prescribed and/or Elective credit. These CME providers can seek approval for those activities through the AAFP Credit System.

The AAFP and ABFM are currently working together to allow CME providers to apply for AAFP Performance Improvement CME Credit and ABFM Certification Activity credit(www.theabfm.org) for their performance improvement activities through the AAFP Credit System using a single application process. Beginning in October, CME providers who apply for credit from both organizations using the new unified process will no longer pay an additional fee for ABFM Certification Activity credit approval.

In addition to meeting AAFP performance improvement activity requirements, to be eligible to receive Certification Activity credit from the ABFM, each performance improvement activity must comply with the ABFM's Industry Support Policy and meet the ABFM Requirements for Performance Improvement activities, and the provider must agree to periodic audits by the ABFM.

From the physician-learner's perspective, the unified process means that ABFM diplomates will have more performance improvement activities to choose from. In addition, when the physician reports CME credit for a dually approved performance improvement activity to the AAFP, the ABFM will automatically be notified that the performance improvement certification activity has been completed.

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