Unified Performance Improvement Credit Process Up and Running

Claim AAFP Credit, ABFM Points for PI Activities in Single Step

October 05, 2017 04:36 pm News Staff
[Meshed gears that read Seamless Integration]

As a practicing family physician, you're all about your patients.

Developing a care plan to optimize their health outcomes and then working with them to implement it successfully are key components of what makes you the best at what you do.

Of course, it helps to be able to cut down on the behind-the-scenes effort you put into keeping that knowledge up to date and those skills razor sharp. Omitting even a single step in the process of completing and claiming credit for your performance improvement work would be nice, wouldn't it?

Welcome to a simpler performance improvement activity credit reporting process!

Thanks to a collaborative effort by the AAFP and the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), Academy members can now benefit from a virtually seamless credit-reporting process for their performance improvement activities.

Fewer steps, fewer hassles. Here's how it works.

As the nation's first credit system, the AAFP Credit System works with CME provider organizations that want to have their CME activities certified for AAFP Prescribed and/or Elective credit. In the case of performance improvement activities, for which only Prescribed credit certification may be granted, these CME providers seek approval for those activities through the AAFP Credit System, which determines whether they meet the AAFP's credit eligibility requirements.  

For its part, the ABFM designates certain performance improvement activities as eligible to receive Certification Activity points as long as they comply with the ABFM's Industry Support Policy(www.theabfm.org) and meet the ABFM Requirements for Performance Improvement activities(www.theabfm.org). The activity provider must also agree to periodic audits by the ABFM(www.theabfm.org)

Historically, these have been two separate and distinct processes for CME provider organizations. But to streamline the overall credit approval process, the AAFP and ABFM developed a system that allows CME providers to apply for AAFP Performance Improvement CME Credit(0 bytes) and ABFM Certification Activity points(www.theabfm.org) for their performance improvement activities through the AAFP Credit System using a single application process.

That system officially launched this week.

For CME providers, that means those who apply for credit from both organizations using the new unified process no longer pay an additional fee for ABFM Certification Activity credit approval. Plus, providers save time by not having to complete two applications or wait on two timelines, and record-keeping is easier, too.

For AAFP members, it means that when you report CME credit for a performance improvement activity that was approved for both AAFP credit and ABFM points to the AAFP, the ABFM will automatically be notified that the performance improvement certification activity has been completed; the reverse is true, as well.

And, as a final win-win, both AAFP members and ABFM diplomates will wind up with more performance improvement activities to choose from, thanks to the simplified process.

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