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  • AAFP Adds New Livestream Platform CME Options

    November 13, 2019 03:28 pm Chris Crawford – Historically, if the AAFP offered livestreamed CME, it was available only in real time during a live event. But that's now changed.

    Four upcoming AAFP CME courses -- two focused on musculoskeletal and sports care and two focused on adult medicine -- are being livestreamed using previously recorded materials from 2019 AAFP courses on these topics. Each of the four courses will be led by live faculty introducing and moderating each session and will allow participants to earn live CME credit.

    In addition, the courses on each subject will be offered in two formats: either as six half-day sessions during a three-day event or as one 90-minute session every week for 12 weeks.

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    "The prerecorded materials are the majority of each session, but are within a larger live online experience, which is enhanced via participant use of chat features with fellow participants and Q&A with the faculty through the faculty chat feature," Clif Knight, M.D., the Academy's senior vice president for education, told AAFP News. "Recorded materials will be posted for later participant reference/replay."

    These uniquely formatted offerings are also notable because neither musculoskeletal and sports care nor adult medicine courses have been offered as real-time livestreamed products this year.

    "In the past, we have offered real-time livestreaming of Family Centered Maternity Care and Emergency and Urgent Care, as well as Board Review Express," Knight said.

    Other upcoming livestream options focus on the Academy's Board Review Express live course and on rural health.

    Story Highlights

    Musculoskeletal and Sports Care

    The first new livestream course covers musculoskeletal and sports care, is offered Dec.12-14 and is approved for up to 18 AAFP Prescribed credits (three credits per session).

    "Physicians practicing sports care have generally had difficulty leaving their practice to attend the live event," Knight said. "The new livestream offering allows additional participants to attend the livestreamed course without traveling, as well as earn live course credits."

    After completing this course, participants should be able to

    • assess injured bones or soft tissue to determine the stage and severity of the injury;
    • evaluate and diagnose common musculoskeletal conditions and diseases; and
    • prepare evidence-based treatment recommendations for patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, including pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic strategies.

    Early-bird pricing for this session ends Dec. 2.

    The 12-week version of the musculoskeletal and sports care livestream course will run from March 11 through May 27, 2020. CME credit is pending. Early-bird pricing ends March 1.

    Adult Medicine

    The three-day version of the adult medicine livestream course will run Feb. 27-29. CME credit is pending.

    After completing this course, participants should be able to

    • improve adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines in practice,
    • synthesize an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan for common adult conditions in both the outpatient and inpatient setting,
    • demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with the patient to ensure that diagnosis and treatment recommendations are understood, and
    • recognize when to refer to or consult with other specialists to provide optimal patient care.

    Early-bird pricing for this session ends Feb. 17.

    The 12-week version of the adult medicine livestream will run from March 7 through May 23. Early-bird pricing ends Feb. 27.

    Additional Livestream Offerings

    The two Board Review Express livestream courses will be offered in real time, as they previously have been, from a pair of 3 1/2-day events.

    The first course will be livestreamed from a production studio in Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 6-9. The second will be livestreamed from a live Houston event taking place Feb. 19-22. Each course is approved for up to 80.25 Prescribed credits.

    During these in-depth review courses, participants can expect

    • quick 30- to 45-minute presentations and post-tests (including 175+ case studies and 500+ Board-style questions),
    • interactive opportunities to compare responses and identify knowledge gaps,
    • Q&A sessions,
    • a "Guide for Exam Preparation" bonus session and
    • free online access to the AAFP Family Medicine Board Review Self-Study Package.

    Early-bird pricing for both of these sessions ends Jan. 8.

    Finally, an additional livestream course that focuses on rural health will run May 14-16.

    This is the AAFP's first livestream offering designed specifically for rural physicians and will dive deep into topics that support the unique characteristics of physicians practicing in rural communities, such as high-level chronic disease management, behavioral health, substance use disorders and maternal health.

    After completing this course, participants should be able to

    • implement the latest evidence-based guidelines on a range of topics pertinent to rural family medicine practice,
    • manage more patient needs without referral through increased knowledge, and
    • connect with other rural family physicians and health care professionals to forge links for ongoing practice improvement and support.

    This course is approved for up to 18 Prescribed credits. Early-bird pricing ends May 4.

    The Last Word

    Knight again highlighted the many positive aspects of the Academy's livestream offerings: "Livestreaming allows users to participate from the convenience of their home or office, gain live course credits without traveling to a destination location, and save time and money, while viewing much of the same presentations offered at the recently recorded live event.

    "Our aim is to continuously meet the individual needs and preferences of our members and other learners. We promote the full scope of family medicine and believe livestreaming is another excellent option for family physicians to continue their professional development," he concluded.

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