Focus on Physician Well-being

Finding Resiliency in Residency

Reversing Cycle of Burnout Starts With Knowing Yourself

Lauren Williams, M.D., a third-year resident at the North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program in Minneapolis, talks about the daily stress she faces and the tools and strategies she uses to help her maintain a healthy work-life balance, even with a hectic schedule. For her, avoiding burnout starts with knowing yourself and focusing on the things you value.

Third-year family medicine resident Lauren Williams, M.D.

'Medicine Is My Calling'

For This FP, Faith and Family Life Help Stave Off Burnout

When Stephen Dudley, M.D., swims in Puget Sound year-round, he's not just swimming. As he slices through the water, he's also praying. Dudley recently shared with AAFP News how his faith -- and a rich family life -- have helped protect him from burnout and made him a balanced, productive physician.

Stephen Dudley, M.D., and his son, Daniel, at a campfire

Out With the Old, In With the New

FP Achieves Wellness by Bucking Traditional Practice

Professional burnout is an all-too-common problem that plagues many family physicians. As part of the AAFP's strategic focus on overcoming professional burnout and cultivating physician well-being, AAFP News spoke with California native Chris Flores, M.D., a family physician who left traditional practice to open his own low-volume, low-overhead solo practice.

Chris Flores, M.D., with his wife, Maricela Fernandez

It's All About Perspective

Yoga, Volunteerism Help Medical Student Battle Burnout

Medical students are no strangers to burnout. Anna Askari, a fourth-year medical student at Ohio State University College of Medicine in Columbus, says she's often felt burnt out. Askari recently spoke with AAFP News about how she copes with stress and burnout and how she plans to manage it as a resident and beyond.

AAFP President John Meigs, M.D., with AAFP Student Delegates to the AMA Anna Askari and Tyson Schwab

Take a Pause for the Cause

A Year's Reprieve in New Zealand Gives FP Fresh Perspective

In 2004, Wayne Strouse, M.D., temporarily shuttered his practice in Penn Yan, N.Y., packed up his family and moved to New Zealand, seeking refuge from burnout. The year away gave him perspective that fueled positive changes in the way he now lives and works. He recently shared his experiences and what he learned with AAFP News.

Wayne Strouse, M.D., with his wife and daughter in New Zealand

Tackle the Problem Head-on

Resident Confronts Burnout by Launching Wellness Program

Kristina Dakis, M.D., a second-year resident in the University of Illinois at Chicago Family Medicine Residency Program, recently gave AAFP News an inside look at her own experience with burnout early in her medical training and explains how it drove her to help create a medical student wellness program to combat it.

Second-year family medicine resident Kristina Dakis, M.D.

Find Your Joy Again

Embracing Whole-Person Care Key to Beating Burnout, Says FP

AAFP News recently spoke with Jamie Osborn, M.D., about her struggle with burnout and the tools she used to find joy once again in family medicine. Osborn, a married mother of two, relied on spirituality to help her regain a sense of balance after leaving her post as director of a fast-paced family medicine residency.

Jamie Osborne, M.D.

Recent AAFP News Coverage and Blog Posts on Physician Well-being

Researchers Investigate Primary Care Professional Burnout

Root Cause: Underutilized Team-based Care

01/31/2018 — Researchers surveyed physicians and other primary care professionals in a medical home setting to see how task-sharing is related to physician burnout.

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01/08/2018 — Kimberly Becher, M.D., went looking for answers about physician resilience -- and mortality -- and found them in three books by physicians who faced unique challenges. Read more in the latest Fresh Perspectives blog post.

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11/27/2017 — After the birth of twins, Beth Oller, M.D., restructured her life so she could offer the best of herself to both her family and her practice.

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11/20/2017 — A family physician described how disappointment eventually led to restoration in the November/December issue of Annals of Family Medicine.

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11/10/2017 — The AAFP's Physician Health First portal has added three free CME videos that were recorded during sessions at the AAFP's 2017 Family Medicine Experience.

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10/31/2017 — The AAFP has been advocating hard for a reduction in the administrative burden that gets in the way of patient care. A new CMS initiative may be a step in the right direction.

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09/15/2017 — The AAFP's new Physician Health First initiative helps family physicians evaluate their well-being and offers tools to assess and address their risk of burnout.

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07/24/2017 — Late last year, Kimberly Becher, M.D., reached a point where she thought the only thing in life she was doing well was patient care. She had to make changes at work and home to fight off burnout.

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