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2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

AAFP to CMS: Make 2019 MPFS Work for FPs, Primary Care

01/09/2019 — In a recent letter to CMS, the AAFP made recommendations on ways the agency can change portions of the 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule to better support family physicians.

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ENDS Not a Means to Achieve Youth Cessation, AAFP Tells FDA

Fund Research on Curbing Teen Tobacco and Nicotine Use, Academy Says

01/08/2019 — The AAFP recently told the FDA in no uncertain terms that electronic nicotine delivery systems are not an evidence-based method for youth nicotine cessation.

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01/07/2019 — The AAFP recently responded to CMS' request for comments on a Medicare Advantage plan proposed rule for 2020 that deals with telemedicine.

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Restore ACA Waiver 'Guardrails,' AAFP Urges Administration

Academy Strongly Opposes New Guidance Allowing Minimal Coverage

01/04/2019 — New guidance on insurance waivers is likely to drive states toward incomplete or less affordable coverage, the AAFP warned HHS and the Treasury Department.

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