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2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

AAFP Reminds CMS of Issues Not Addressed in Final Rule

01/11/2017 — In a year-end letter to CMS, the AAFP highlighted unfinished business the agency failed to address in the final 2017 Medicare physician fee schedule.

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AAFP Blasts VA Decision Granting APRNs Full Practice Authority

Final Rule Shortsighted, Harmful to Veterans

12/16/2016 — The AAFP slammed a final rule issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs that grants advanced practice registered nurses independent practice authority.

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Governors Look to Ease Nationwide Health IT Interoperability

National Governors Association Releases New Resource

12/15/2016 — The National Governors Association recently released new resources to help states improve the flow of information between health care professionals.

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Don't Miss These Changes to DEA Registration Renewal Process

No More Grace Period After Expiration, Agency Warns

12/14/2016 — The DEA has announced changes to its registration renewal process that effectively eliminate any grace period for physicians who fail to renew their registration on time, meaning they have to apply for a new registration if they miss the deadline.

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