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HHS Announces CMS Primary Cares Initiative

AAFP Payment Model Provided Inspiration, Guidance

04/24/2019 — HHS recently announced new payment models influenced, in part, by AAFP input, with the intention of initiating valued-based transformation in primary care settings.

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Academy Calls for Drug Pricing Transparency, Action

AAFP Praises SPIKE Act, Encourages Ongoing Insulin Cost Investigation

04/17/2019 — In separate letters to lawmakers this month, the Academy expressed support for new drug pricing legislation and ongoing insulin price investigation.

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Grandfathering Extension Could Harm Patients, AAFP Warns HHS

Continuing Pre-2010 Insurance Exemptions Would Undermine Key ACA Protections

04/12/2019 — Responding to a multi-agency request for information, the Academy told HHS that extending plans that were in place before March 2010 could harm vulnerable patients.

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04/09/2019 — A recent AAFP letter to CMS expresses concerns with portions of a proposed rule that would increase the financial burden on in-office laboratories, possibly forcing the closure of those that are operating on already thin margins.

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