AAFP Asks Members to Call on Congress to Pass Health Care Reform

February 08, 2010 05:00 pm News Staff

The AAFP once again is rallying support for enactment of comprehensive health care reform legislation by asking its members to send a message about the need for health care reform directly to Congress.

The Academy issued an Action Alert on Feb. 5, urging members to sign on to a Speak Out letter by noon on Feb. 10 that calls on Congress to pass reform legislation that enhances access, improves quality and lowers costs. According to the AAFP Government Relations Division, more than 360 AAFP members already have sent more than 1,100 messages to Congress about the importance of passing health care reform since the Speak Out letter was posted.

"There is an enemy lurking in every community across this great nation -- and that enemy is lack of proper, adequate, affordable health care," says the Speak Out letter. "You have worked so hard over the past few months -- and are so close to finding real solutions to this untenable situation. But as of today, the realities remain."

According to the Speak Out letter, family physicians "must address the factors that drive up costs and lower quality; the fragmentation of care; the duplication of tests and services; and the disregard for chronic disease management, prevention and wellness care in favor of medical intervention."

The letter also lays out the Academy's goals for health care reform, which include

  • constructive health insurance access for all Americans;
  • changes in health care delivery that ensure high-quality, affordable care for patients;
  • physician payment and medical education reform that will rebuild the primary care physician workforce; and
  • medical liability reform.

"These four goals are key to building a health care system that meets the needs of the American people," the letter says.