AAFP Seeks Nominations for Health Care Boards, Committees

June 01, 2010 04:55 pm News Staff

The recently enacted health care reform law has created opportunities for family physician membership on a variety of federal boards and committees that will oversee implementation of the law's regulations, and the AAFP is looking for FPs who are interested in serving.

FP membership on the boards and committees is critical to providing a family medicine perspective as the law is implemented, according to staff members in the AAFP's Government Relations Division.

The four groups are

  • the National Health Care Workforce Commission, which will serve as a resource for HHS and other agencies regarding whether the demand for health care workers is being met;
  • the Board of Governors of the Patient-Centered Research Institute and Methodology Committee, which will establish a research agenda, develop methodological standards, contract with eligible entities, request public input, and disseminate results to patients and providers;
  • the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which will ensure that Medicare expenses stay within specific target growth rates set by the health care reform legislation and recommend to Congress how to control health care costs; and
  • the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council, which will coordinate and provide leadership on prevention, wellness and health-promotion policies and practices at the federal level.

Nominations for the National Health Care Workforce Commission and the Board of Governors of the Patient-Centered Research Institute and Methodology Committee are due on June 30. Members who are interested in serving on these two entities should provide the AAFP with a cover letter indicating their willingness to serve and their qualifications for the individual panel, their curriculum vitae, and letters of support from individuals who can speak to candidates' relevant qualifications and national prominence in their field.

These materials must be submitted to the Academy no later than June 7.

Following an extensive review of the candidates, AAFP leaders will make a final decision on who the Academy will nominate to the panels. Individuals not selected to represent the AAFP can choose to self-nominate by contacting the specific government body directly. In those cases, the Academy may decide to send a letter of recommendation for the candidate.