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Engage With Your Senators on Health Care Legislation

June 20, 2017 04:00 pm News Staff

The AAFP has for months warned that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) recently passed by the U.S. House to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) would, if enacted, result in millions of newly insured Americans losing their coverage and millions more seeing their costs skyrocket.

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Now, as Senate Republicans work to fashion their own health care bill to replace the ACA, AAFP members can easily voice their opposition to rolling back those gains by joining a Speak Out campaign urging senators to "promptly put aside the AHCA, and instead work to achieve real bipartisan solutions."

Specifically, members can press their senators to vote against any legislation that results in people losing coverage, that fails to protect older individuals and those with pre-existing conditions from paying higher premiums, and that shrinks federal support for Medicaid.

Recognizing that a phone call can be one of the most meaningful ways to reach out to lawmakers, the Speak Out campaign offers scripted options for calling, as well as emailing, senators and staff. In either case, it's easy for members to tailor their message to let lawmakers know exactly how their patients stand to be affected by any legislation that rolls back the critical progress made in boosting access to comprehensive primary care.

Senate leaders are moving swiftly to craft their bill and bring it to a vote, so don't delay. Now is the time to make your voice -- and that of your patients -- heard loud and clear.

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