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Extended In-office BP Monitoring Could Reduce Hypertension Overtreatment

Family Physician Calls for New BP Monitoring Standards, Protocols

03/22/2017 — A study recently published in Annals of Family Medicine found automated office blood pressure monitoring for 30 minutes may dramatically reduce overtreatment of patients with white-coat hypertension.

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New Health Group Pledges to Fight Climate Change Threats

AAFP Joins Launch of Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health Campaign

03/20/2017 — A new advocacy group that includes the AAFP and other primary care organizations has pledged to counter the growing public health threats of climate change.

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03/16/2017 — The AAFP has created and released three online videos to help family physicians educate their adult patients on the benefits of being vaccinated against three common ailments.

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03/15/2017 — On March 7, the CDC released a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and an accompanying Vital Signs report that address the growing prevalence of arthritis in the general population and resulting activity limitations.

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