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AAFP Updates Its PSA Screening Recommendation

FP Expert Breaks Down How It Differs From USPSTF Guidance

July 20, 2018 08:49 am — The AAFP has issued an updated clinical preventive service recommendation on prostate-specific antigen-based screening that differs from that of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force in its level of specificity.

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07/18/2018 — Family physicians and other participants at the AAFP's Adolescent Immunization Best Practices Summit held July 14-15 shared stories of specific changes that helped practices improve immunization rates for adolescents ages 11-18.

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07/17/2018 — The FDA has announced changes to the safety labeling of fluoroquinolones, including stronger warnings about mental health side effects and blood sugar disturbances.

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07/17/2018 — An Annals of Family Medicine study sought to determine why many physicians continue to recommend self-monitoring of blood glucose for some diabetic patients despite its cost and a lack of evidence that it is effective in improving patient outcomes.

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New Diabetes Diagnosis Could Benefit Household

FPs Can Leverage 'Teachable Moment,' Says Researcher

07/13/2018 — A study published in the July/August issue of Annals of Family Medicine found that partners of patients who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes are more likely to improve their health behaviors than are partners of patients without the disease.

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