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Nonpharmacologic Therapies Can Improve Chronic Pain Outcomes

Reductions in Drug Misuse, Suicide Attempts Reported

01/15/2020 — A review of military health records has found that veterans who received nonpharmacologic therapies to manage chronic pain are less likely than those who did not to experience long-term adverse outcomes.

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ACP Guideline Addresses Age-related Low Testosterone

AAFP Has Endorsed Group's Recommendations

01/13/2020 — The AAFP has endorsed the American College of Physicians' clinical practice guideline on treating adult men with age-related low testosterone, which recommends initiating testosterone treatment only for those experiencing sexual dysfunction.

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Study: Misuse of Certain Nonopioid Analgesics on the Rise

Gabapentin, Baclofen May Be Seen as Opioid Alternatives

01/09/2020 — Research suggests that as the number of prescriptions written for opioids has dropped, there has been a corresponding rise in the use of nonopioid medications such as gabapentin and baclofen to treat certain types of pain.

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12/20/2019 — Results of a survey commissioned by the AAFP show that young people who vape are aware of an outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths, but many still don't understand the risks.

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