Walgreens to Begin Supplying Influenza Vaccine to AAFP Members in Five States

Pilot Program Aims to Expand Immunization Rates

November 22, 2011 01:55 pm Matt Brown

Family physicians in five states now have a new vaccine supplier option available for the 2011-12 flu season. The AAFP is working with Walgreens to make influenza vaccine available from the company's pharmacies at minimal risk to Academy members who have exhausted their supply.

[Stock photo-Female receiving vaccine from health care worker]

The physician distribution influenza vaccine purchase pilot program, which will roll out in California, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Texas, provides AAFP members with another vaccine distribution channel, while, at the same time, ensuring immunizations are given in physicians' offices instead of at local retail clinics.

The company says the pilot offers family medicine practices same-day vaccine availability, the ability to order quantities as small as a single vial (10-dose pack) and "competitive pricing."

According to Tim Brne, R.Ph., director of immunization services for Walgreens, family physician offices can purchase the desired quantity of vaccine at their local Walgreens pharmacy and pick it up immediately.

There is no obligation for AAFP members to use the service, and there is no long-term commitment if they choose to do so.

Academy members in the selected states can e-mail for more information or to order.

Brne said that if the program "sees a good response" from AAFP members, it likely will roll out to other states in the future.