Revised Obstetric Data Definitions Are Open for Comment

November 21, 2012 11:35 am News Staff

The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) has posted revised obstetric data definitions( for public comment, and the AAFP is encouraging its members to participate.

[Stock Photo-Doctor handing newborn to mother]

The more than 60 obstetric definitions were revised at and after the reVITALize Obstetric Data Definitions Conference( in August. The goal is to standardize clinical obstetric data terms used in registries, electronic health record systems and vital statistics. Valerie King, M.D., a member of the AAFP's Commission on Health of the Public and Science, and Steven Waldren, director of the AAFP Center on Health IT, both served as the Academy's representatives to the team.

ACOG has separated the definitions into five categories, with issues and rationale for changes listed:

Physicians are permitted to comment on any number of categories.

According to ACOG, all comments received during the open period will be reviewed and logged for consideration by leadership teams composed of both clinical and operational members. Should comments require further clarification, commenters may be contacted during the review period to obtain clarifying information needed to make an informed and appropriate decision regarding a potential revision.

The list will be open for public comment through Jan. 15, 2013. Any comments posted after this period may not be considered in the final summary, reporting or decision-making process that will commence after the open comment period ends.