PCORI to Fund $17 Million Worth of Asthma Research

Organization Seeking FPs Interested in Applying

July 02, 2013 03:53 pm Matt Brown

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) recently announced(www.pcori.org) it is providing $17 million for research that aims to answer long-standing questions regarding disparities in controlling the asthma burden in both the black and Hispanic populations.

[Stock photo of woman with asthma inhaler]

According to a June 18 news release, PCORI plans to invest the funds in "patient-centered outcomes research projects that evaluate comprehensive and coordinated approaches to reducing poor health and other complications related to uncontrolled asthma in these target populations, as well as improving both patients' and their health care providers' adherence to treatment guidelines."

"Asthma ranks high among common ailments that family physicians encounter, especially among racial and ethnic minority patients," said PCORI Chief Science Officer Bryan Luce, Ph.D. "We think AAFP members would be very interested in this funding opportunity and the chance to be part of the research it will support. PCORI's mission to engage clinicians, patients and other stakeholders in all steps of the research process means that we want physicians to be directly engaged in this research, as well as to benefit from its ultimate findings."

According to the release, studies involving interventions at the community, home and health system levels, as well as those assessing combinations of patient education tools, asthma medications, team-based approaches, or interventions delivered in homes or other locations outside medical facilities, are typical of the types of studies that will receive funding.

PCORI also said it's looking for proposals examining outcomes that matter most to patients and their families, such as missed days of school or work, visits to emergency departments, limitations on individuals' activities, patients' and families' ability to manage symptoms themselves outside of medical facilities, and overall quality of life.

Interested applicants should submit letters of intent(www.pcori.org) by Aug. 1 and applications by Sept. 18. Application guidelines(www.pcori.org), templates and related resources are available online(www.pcori.org). The institute also will host an informational webinar on July 9 for interested applicants.