• Annals of Family Medicine Issues Call for COVID-19 Content

    March 27, 2020 02:44 pm News Staff – In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Annals of Family Medicine has announced a call for papers containing COVID-19 related content. Annals is inviting clinicians on the front lines of primary care research and practice to submit topical reports, original research, research briefs, innovations in primary care and essays, which will be added to the journal's COVID-19 Collection page as they are vetted.

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    "We seek up-to-date ideas and innovations relating to the vast transformation of health care and family medicine at this time," the call for papers states, adding that authors are encouraged to "tell us about changes you have made or experiences you are having in your practice, institution and/or community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic."

    Although Annals is a peer-reviewed research journal, it's important to note that the new content published on the collection page will be open-access, preprint and pre-peer review.

    The collection will include four types of primary care-relevant information related to COVID-19:

    • in-press content that is accepted for publication in Annals but not yet published;
    • papers submitted to Annals that are currently under peer review;
    • links to useful COVID-19-related content published in other publications; and
    • new, unrefereed, preprint content that is important for primary care practices managing COVID-19.

    Prospective contributors may share their COVID-19 work in one of two ways:

    • For formal submissions to Annals and possible expedited inclusion in the COVID-19 collection, authors can submit their work online and mention "Frontline COVID-19" in the cover letter. If it is agreed that it's important to publish the content quickly, authors will be asked for permission to post it prior to peer review. The content will simultaneously be entered into the Annals peer-review process.
    • For inclusion only in the COVID-19 collection, individuals may email ideas, links and other content to annfammed@umich.edu, with "Frontline COVID-19" in the subject line. Annals editors will review items for consideration.

    Individuals can also receive push notifications whenever new content is added to the COVID-19 collection page by following Annals on Twitter or subscribing to receive email updates.