WPSI Mulls Recommending Obesity Prevention in Midlife Women

FPs, Public Invited to Comment on Topic

June 11, 2020 01:14 pm News Staff

(Editor's note: The comment period for the obesity prevention topic has been extended to July 13-Aug. 10, 2020.)

The Women's Preventive Services Initiative from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is seeking comments(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) on whether to develop recommendations around the topic of preventing obesity in midlife women. Family physicians, residents and medical students are invited to provide input, as are members of the general public.

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The purpose of seeking public comment on topics that are being considered for examination and possible recommendation development, according to the WPSI website,(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) is to ensure clarity and transparency and increase the quality of its program. Although anyone who visits the site may comment on any listed WPSI document, the documents are written with primary care clinicians, researchers and other health care professionals in mind.

The comment period for the obesity prevention topic(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) will remain open through 11:59 PM PT on June 19. After the period closes, the initiative's multidisciplinary steering committee will review all public comments submitted and, if the topic advances to the recommendation development stage, will share a draft recommendation for public comment. The AAFP is a participating organization on that steering committee.

WPSI committees are overseen by an advisory panel composed of representatives from the AAFP, ACOG, the American College of Physicians and the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health, as well as three members of the Institute of Medicine's 2011 Committee on Preventive Services for Women.

Revised Patient Trifold Available

In related news, WPSI has updated its patient trifold brochure(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) to include the initiative's most recent recommendation on screening for anxiety. AAFP News notified Academy members that the initiative was seeking input on a draft version of that recommendation in April 2019. The final recommendation,(www.acpjournals.org) the systematic evidence review(www.acpjournals.org) used in its development and an accompanying editorial(www.acpjournals.org) were published in the June 9 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine.

The trifold includes patient-centric information on the importance of preventive health care, a list of WPSI recommendations and sample scripts patients can use to talk with their clinicians about preventive health measures and is designed to help patients review and understand WPSI's recommendations on a variety of topics. Available in both print- and web-optimized formats, this resource is tailor-made for use in reception areas and exam rooms and also can easily be sent to patients electronically.

Additional Resources

Other free resources available on the WPSI website include a well-woman chart and accompanying clinical summary tables,(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) which offer guidance on incorporating preventive health services for women into clinical practice, and a social media toolkit(www.womenspreventivehealth.org) that features sample messages and graphics clinicians can use to promote WPSI and women's health.

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