AAFP News Obituary Policy/Procedure

AAFP News staff will post member obituaries submitted to AAFP News in the "In Memoriam" topic area of AAFP News online. Obituaries will appear in the topic area in alphabetical order. Photos will not be included. Obituaries will be posted as they are received and edited. The obituaries will move to a separate "In Memoriam Archive" area after one month.

Individuals who wish to submit obituary information may do so by using the AAFP News mailbox. Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • the deceased's name;
  • AAFP ID number, if known;
  • age at time of death;
  • hometown;
  • date of death;
  • cause of death;
  • medical school and residency information;
  • key accomplishments in family medicine or medicine in general; and
  • an e-mail or mail address for use by individuals who wish to send condolences or memorial contributions.

In addition, if the submitter is a funeral home or crematory, only the submitter's contact information is needed to complete the form. If the submitter is not a funeral home or crematory, additional contact information for the closest legal next of kin and funeral home/crematory should be submitted.

AAFP News staff will post submitted obituaries after verifying (via the AAFP member record and other sources) the deceased's name, date of death, medical school/residency information, and AAFP/constituent chapter accomplishments/offices held. If the member record and the submitted information differ in these areas, the information from the member record will be used.

For current AAFP leaders and other members whose deaths would directly affect the Academy and its members, AAFP News staff will obtain the relevant information and prepare the obituary to be posted in the In Memoriam topic area. This practice will be limited to current AAFP officers and directors, candidates for those positions, Family Physician of the Year, and commission chairs.

This procedure also will apply in the event of the death of an AAFP senior staff member, whether Academy member or nonmember. In addition, it will apply in the case of other non-AAFP members, if AAFP News staff determine that the individual had a substantial impact on family medicine.