Candidates Vie for AAFP Leadership Positions

Review Stances, Pose Questions via Candidates' Web Page

May 26, 2010 01:40 pm News Staff

Eleven candidates are seeking election or re-election to Academy offices and the AAFP Board of Directors. The AAFP Congress of Delegates will elect officers and new directors Sept. 29 in Denver. Find out more about the candidates' views on key topics by checking out the 2010 "AAFP Candidates" Web page (Members Only).

[American Academy of Family Physicians -- Strong Medicine for America]

You also can ask questions of the candidates via the "2010 Candidates Question & Answer Forum" option shown on the main candidates Web page or by using the "Question & Answer Forum" link shown in the left-hand column of each individual candidate's page. Be sure to check back later to see the candidates' responses to questions posed.

If you find you share common ground with some of the candidates on issues important to you and your practice, consider asking your chapter delegates to the AAFP Congress to vote for those candidates.

For President-elect

[Photo of 2010 AAFP President-elect candidate Ken Bertka, M.D.]

Kenneth Bertka, M.D., C.P.H.I.M.S. Holland, Ohio

[Photo of David Ellington, M.D., candidate for AAFP president-elect]

David Ellington, M.D. Lexington, Va.

[Photo of Glen Stream, M.D., candidate for AAFP president-elect]

Glen Stream, M.D. Spokane, Wash.

For Speaker



[Photo of Leah Raye Mabry, R.Ph., M.D., candidate for AAFP speaker]

Leah Raye Mabry, M.D. San Antonio

[John Meigs, Jr., M.D.-Vice Speaker]

John Meigs Jr., M.D. Centreville, Ala.

For Vice Speaker

[Photo of 2010 AAFP Board of Directors candidate Jun David, M.D.]

Jose "Jun" David, M.D. Albany, N.Y.

For Director

[Photo of Barbara Doty, M.D., a candidate for AAFP Director]

Barbara Doty, M.D. Wasilla, Alaska

[Photo of Richard Madden Jr., M.D., candidate for AAFP director]

Richard Madden Jr., M.D. Belen, N.M.

[Photo of Karen Mitchell, M.D., candidate for AAFP Director]

Karen Mitchell, M.D. Southfield, Mich.

[Photograph of Robert Wergin, M.D., a candidate for AAFP director]

Robert Wergin, M.D. Milford, Neb.

[Photo of 2010 AAFP Board of Directors candidate Julie Wood, M.D.]

Julie Wood, M.D. Kansas City, Mo.