Take the Member Census

New Tool Will Improve Services Academy Offers to AAFP Members

August 25, 2010 04:15 pm News Staff

The AAFP has created a new tool to gather information on member preferences in an attempt to more closely track the needs of members in terms of products, services and actions of the Academy.

The Member Census tool is designed to gather information about individual members so the AAFP can

  • advocate more effectively for members, their patients, and their practices;
  • offer relevant and timely products and services; and
  • educate legislators and other decision makers on issues affecting family medicine.

"The primary purpose of the Member Census is to get a profile of our members," said Kathy Reid, AAFP's marketing research manager. "We want to offer more relevant products and services to our members and have data that will help better educate legislators about the issues affecting members in our advocacy efforts.

The Academy is encouraging all members to fill out the 12-question census. Members are asked to share information on their employment situation, their professional role, patient care locations, clinical services and procedures they offer, and their status in terms of electronic health records.

"Members' environments have changed over time, so we need to understand these changes and develop products and services that fulfill the needs of our members," said Reid. She added that members will see indirect benefits from the census, including more targeted e-mails, better advocacy efforts, and product development for specific member segments, such as solo practitioners, practice owners, practice groups and rural family physicians.