AAFP Responds to Congress of Delegates' Call for Accountability

Online Document Will Provide Progress Reports on Individual Resolutions

November 10, 2010 04:55 pm News Staff

During the 2010 Congress of Delegates in Denver, AAFP delegates adopted a recommendation to have a workable plan in place by the 2012 COD to track and update progress on all resolutions submitted to the Congress. In response, the AAFP has posted several documents regarding the 2010 COD actions on its website (Members Only).

According to the AAFP, several of the documents now available are posted every year, including the transactions from the COD(405 page PDF) (Members Only), which documents all of the events during the 2010 AAFP Congress of Delegates, including action on individual resolutions.

In addition, to make it easier to track the disposition of individual resolutions submitted during the Congress, the AAFP also posts a summary of actions spreadsheet(47 page PDF) (Members Only). This summary includes all of the resolutions introduced during the COD; their fiscal impact, if any; the action taken by the Congress; and relevant staff contact names and e-mail addresses.

Now, to increase member access to the status of Academy action on those individual resolutions, the AAFP also has posted, in numerical order, all of the resolutions introduced during the 2010 Congress in their entirety (Members Only), the action taken by the Congress, and a progress report on each measure that was adopted or referred, as well the staff members responsible and their e-mail addresses.

The AAFP plans to updates progress notes as developments on individual resolutions occur. An official update on all the resolutions will be sent to delegates in April, and a final update will be sent to delegates before the 2011 COD.