AAFP Task Force Updates Bylaws' Language to Reflect Modernization

Members Encouraged to Weigh In on Revisions

January 05, 2011 06:40 pm News Staff

The AAFP wants members to know that it has reviewed and prepared a revised draft of the organization's Bylaws as requested by the Board of Directors. The revised draft is available for member comment until Feb. 28.

AAFP Vice Speaker John Meigs Jr., M.D., of Centreville, Ala., chair of the AAFP Task Force on Bylaws Revision, said this type of review is needed to ensure the AAFP's Bylaws remain relevant to the needs of the organization. "In the 63-year history of the AAFP, we have never undertaken a thorough review and revision of our Bylaws," said Meigs in a letter to members.

The task force was charged with updating and modernizing the Bylaws, as well as reducing them to the core foundational principles by which the AAFP is governed and operates. "It was not the charge to nor the goal of the task force to make major substantive changes to the Bylaws, but rather to better reflect the current needs of the Academy as well as to simplify and organize the Bylaws in an outline format that would make them more user-friendly," said Meigs.

The draft of the revised Bylaws will be available on the AAFP's website until Feb. 28. Members are encouraged to review the bylaws and comment. Comments will be considered and a final proposal will be taken to the 2011 Congress of Delegates for review and action.