New Mobile App Lets Users Access AFP by Topic Anytime, Anywhere

May 04, 2011 04:40 pm News Staff

Accessing the best, most up-to-date content American Family Physician has to offer on common medical topics just got a whole lot easier. That's because AFP by Topic: Editors' Choice of Best Current Content is now available as a mobile app that can be downloaded -- for free -- from the Apple Store( and the Android Market(

[Complications and Special Situations: AFP by Topic screen image]

AFP by Topic collects the top content on more than 45 health topics featured in AFP online into one place; the new mobile app gives users the ability to access that content anytime, anywhere and on virtually any Web-enabled device. AFP editors continually re-evaluate and update these collections to ensure they remain helpful, relevant and timely.

The AFP by Topic collections themselves include pertinent AFP review articles, editorials and department items; summaries of practice guidelines; patient education handouts; articles from Family Practice Management; AAFP policies; and other Academy resources, such as performance improvement modules developed as part of the AAFP's Measuring, Evaluating and Translating Research Into Care program. The content in each collection is organized into relevant categories, such as prevention, screening and diagnosis, treatment, and complications and special situations.

Users navigate the app by opening the main page, which lists the topic collections. Selecting a topic brings the user to a page that shows the categories displayed for that topic. When the user chooses a category, all content within that category is displayed. Clicking on the desired content title links the user directly to that online material.

Content available via the AFP by Topic mobile app is subject to the same restrictions as that available from AFP online. That is, only AAFP members and paid subscribers may access content posted within the past year and must login to do so. Older content may be viewed by all users.