People in the News/Awards -- November

November 30, 2011 04:35 pm News Staff

AAFP News Now has learned of two AAFP members who received honors and awards this past month.

Lloyd Michener, M.D., of Chapel Hill, N.C., has been appointed to the newly formed 14-member Veterans Affairs, or VA, National Academic Affiliations Council( The committee, which provides a forum for joint planning and coordination between VA and health professions schools and universities, is tasked with advising VA leaders "on all matters affecting the relationship between VA and the health professions community." The council will hold a series of public meetings, invite testimony, and submit periodic progress reports to VA leadership.
Michener currently is professor and chair of the department of community and family medicine at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. He also is director of the Duke Center for Community Research.

In addition, Michener is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges Board of Directors, serves on the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Advisory Council and is a past president of the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research.

Richard Feldman, M.D., of Indianapolis, is the recipient of the Center for the History of Family Medicine's inaugural fellowship award( Feldman visited the center recently to conduct research for his upcoming book, Family Practice Stories, a collection of tales told by and about Indiana family doctors practicing in the mid-20th century.

Feldman practices at Franciscan St. Francis Health in Beech Grove, Ind., where he is director of the hospital's family medicine residency program and director of medical education. He also currently serves as an assistant clinical professor in the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

Each year, the Fellowship in the History of Family Medicine program will award a grant of as much as $1,500 to support travel, lodging and incidental expenses related to conducting research on a project dealing with any aspect of the history of general practice, family practice or family medicine in the United States.