Time's Running Out to Apply for AAFP Vaccine Science Fellowship

February 22, 2012 03:30 pm News Staff

The deadline is fast approaching to apply for the two vaccine science fellowship positions being offered by the AAFP. The Academy will stop taking applications for the program after March 15.

[Stock photo of drawerful of vaccine syringes]

Selected fellows will learn about vaccine science and policy by working with mentors in a program designed to develop a group of FPs interested in and knowledgeable about vaccines and vaccine policy.

According to an AAFP Web page describing the fellowship program, "This cadre of family physician vaccine experts will assist the AAFP in providing effective input into the deliberations and decisions of federal and state public health agencies that set vaccine policies, as well as educating practicing family physicians about advances in vaccines.

"This fellowship will address the interface between public health and the family physician community to make vaccine information effective and practical to the membership of the AAFP. The proposed outcome will be improved use of immunizations by the U.S. public and the highest level possible of vaccine safety and public acceptance of vaccines."

The one-year fellowships are designed for those who are early in their postgraduate education careers. The fellowship period runs from April 1, 2012, through March 31, 2013.

To be eligible, applicants will

  • be Active members of the AAFP, in practice or teaching and out of residency and fellowship;
  • be U.S. citizens;
  • submit a curriculum vitae (CV), letter of interest and a conflict of interest form;
  • agree to devote about 10 percent of their full-time equivalent (FTE) workload during the fellowship term;
  • provide a letter from their institution, practice and/or department chair agreeing to commit 10 percent FTE protected time for the applicant to complete the fellowship; and
  • commit to travel time for appropriate meetings.

Qualified applicants may submit their CV and letter of interest via e-mail to Bellinda Schoof, M.H.A., C.P.H.Q., and complete a conflict of interest form online(9 page PDF).