Official Announcement

2012 AAFP Congress of Delegates to Meet in Philadelphia

July 03, 2012 03:35 pm News Staff

The AAFP Congress of Delegates will meet Oct. 15-17 in Grand Ballroom E-L of the Philadelphia Marriott in Philadelphia. The Congress will convene in conjunction with the AAFP Scientific Assembly, which will meet Oct. 17-20.

During the Congress' reference committee hearings on Oct. 15, AAFP members may share their views and help shape new AAFP policies. The delegates will elect Academy officers and members of the AAFP Board of Directors on Oct. 17.

Further information about the Congress is available online, including links to

  • the delegates' schedules;
  • the "2012 Candidates" Web page, where members can ask questions and view candidates' answers via the "2012 Candidates Question & Answer Forums" (Members Only); and
  • resolutions submitted to date.

Among those resolutions is a measure that calls for increasing physician awareness about pharmaceutical and biological manufacturers' FDA-mandated risk evaluation and mitigation strategy programs, as well as another that aims to safeguard patients' access to therapeutics by ensuring that payment for prescription medications and durable medical equipment not be denied solely on the basis of use of a resident's or fellow's properly suffixed institutional DEA number or similar identifier.

Information about Assembly activities also can be accessed online.