New Peers for Progress Website Sports Fresh Look, Enhanced Functionality

August 07, 2012 03:00 pm News Staff

Peers for Progress, an initiative of the AAFP Foundation(, has launched a new website( that offers an updated look and enhanced utilities.

According to an announcement( by the Foundation, the new site -- in conjunction with an increased emphasis on social networking activities -- is expected to allow the program to "be much more nimble in promoting peer support and serving the field."

First established as a global program that aimed to evaluate, demonstrate and promote peer support for diabetes management around the world, Peers for Progress has since expanded its activities to focus on accelerating and promoting best practices in peer support as a regular part of health care and prevention around the world. To that end, the new website is intended to serve as a resource for peer support programs eager to enhance quality and boost the services they provide.

The site includes sections that

  • describe peer support and present the science behind its effectiveness;
  • outline the steps involved in designing, implementing, evaluating, and maintaining a peer support program;
  • discuss the physician's role in promoting peer support; and
  • allow visitors to view, browse, and access peer support-related documents and materials, as well as upload their own such resources.

Many of the materials on the site are available in Spanish and Chinese. Visitors to the site also can sign up to receive an electronic newsletter that gives updates on new and ongoing projects.

Peers for Progress is supported by the Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation(