AAFP Web Pages Lay Out Health Care Issues in Presidential Campaign

September 17, 2012 03:50 pm News Staff
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As campaigning for the 2012 presidential election heats up, the AAFP is taking the opportunity to provide its members with online information on the health care issues in the campaign that pertain to family physicians.

The AAFP 2012 Presidential Campaign page looks at six key health care issues to help frame the campaign and provide perspective on where the two major presidential candidates stand on matters that are vital to primary care and family medicine. The issues covered include

  • Medicare physician payment,
  • workforce improvement,
  • medical malpractice reform, and
  • health care access.

The AAFP lists its positions and perspectives below each of the topic areas. In stating its position on the Medicare physician payment schedule, for example, the AAFP calls for a "realignment of Medicare payment to reflect more equitable treatment of services provided by family physicians."

"This realignment should include repealing the SGR (sustainable growth rate) formula used in the calculation of Medicare payments to physicians."

The AAFP also includes information on the stances of each nominee on the six issues singled out. Those positions are in response to a survey the AAFP sent to President Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney earlier this year. Although the Obama campaign responded to the survey, the Romney campaign has not yet done so. Thus, the Web page on the candidates' stances provides links to various sources, such as the Republican and Democratic national platforms, that list the health care positions of the two presidential candidates.

The AAFP also created an associated Web page that lists the dates, times and subject areas of the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates.