AAFP Kicks Off Social Media Campaign of Thanksgiving

November 02, 2012 12:00 am News Staff

The AAFP is asking members passionate about family medicine to participate in a social media outreach campaign throughout the month of November that is designed to promote family medicine, family physicians and their practices to their patients and the general public on social media channels.

[Patient thanking physician]

The campaign, which is called "Thankful for the Specialty of Family Medicine!" was developed in response to resolution from the 2012 National Conference of Special Constituencies that called on the AAFP to develop a toolkit to help members market and promote family medicine via social media. It allows members to give thanks for what they love the most about being a family physician.

In response, the Academy has developed a social media toolkit for family physicians that provides tools to help them get started with the campaign. The toolkit contains

  • a downloadable, ready-to-use campaign graphic that members can adopt as their profile picture on Facebook and Twitter during November;
  • user guides that explain the basics of social media and how to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts; and
  • sample Facebook posts and Twitter tweets from AAFP Connection that can be personalized and that refer the public to information about family medicine from the AAFP and on FamilyDoctor.org.

An example of a Facebook post suggested by the campaign is "Choosing a medical specialty is kind of like Thanksgiving. I chose family medicine because I enjoy caring for ALL body parts -- not just legs, thighs, necks or livers. Family physicians provide integrated health care by treating the whole person in the context of an ongoing physician-patient relationship. I'm not talking turkey!"