Candidates Vie for AAFP Leadership Positions

Review Personal Statements, Bios via Candidates' Web Page

June 28, 2013 04:21 pm News Staff

Ten candidates are seeking election to Academy offices and the AAFP Board of Directors. The AAFP Congress of Delegates (COD) will elect officers and new directors Sept. 25 in San Diego. But before then, AAFP members can learn about the candidates -- what they've accomplished, what they find important and how they view the future of the specialty -- by exploring the 2013 Candidates Web page.

Each candidate has his or her individual page, where members can access that candidate's

  • personal campaign statement,
  • contact information,
  • biography and
  • curriculum vitae.

If you find you share common ground with certain candidates on issues that matter to you, your practice and your patients, consider asking your chapter delegates to the AAFP Congress to vote for those candidates.

In addition, although the AAFP's Candidate Campaign Activities and Rules document (available to members only) states that candidates for AAFP offices may not use official AAFP social media channels (e.g., AAFP Facebook, AAFP Prez, YouTube, LinkedIN, G+) for campaigning purposes, candidates are welcome to use the official COD event hashtag -- #aafpcod -- in any messages from their personal Twitter accounts, including campaign messages. Academy members with Twitter accounts can use that COD hashtag to follow campaign activities and other events leading up to the Congress.

For President-elect

[Barbara Doty, MD]

Barbara Doty, M.D., Wasilla, Alaska

[Richard F. Madden, M.D.]

Richard Madden, M.D., Belen, N.M.

[Robert Wergin, MD]

Robert Wergin, M.D., Milford, Neb.

For Speaker

[John S. Meigs, Jr., M.D.]

John Meigs Jr., M.D., Brent, Ala.

For Vice Speaker

[Javette Orgain, M.D., M.P.H., candidate for 2012 AAFP vice speaker]

Javette Orgain, M.D., M.P.H., Chicago

For Director


Yushu "Jack" Chou, M.D., Baldwin Park, Calif.

[Richard L. Corson, MD, FAAFP]

Richard Corson, M.D., Hillsborough, N.J.

[Carol Featherstone, M.D.]

Carol Featherstone, M.D., New Hope, Minn.

[Robert Lee, MD]

Robert Lee, M.D., Johnston, Iowa

[Michael Munger, MD]

Michael Munger, M.D., Overland Park, Kan.