New Tool Puts Advocacy at Your Fingertips

Signing Petition to Regulate E-Cigarettes Is a Snap

July 23, 2014 05:11 pm News Staff

With all of the health care debates going on in Congress, it can be difficult to keep track of -- much less weigh in on -- the latest policy issues. But you're in luck: The Academy recently launched a new tool that saves you time by making the process easy and convenient.

[AAFP Advocacy]

Take advantage of your first chance to use the tool by joining an AAFP grassroots advocacy initiative involving federal regulation of e-cigarettes.

In April, the FDA issued a proposed rule that seeks to define the agency's authority to regulate tobacco and related products. In response, the AAFP sent a letter to the agency(2 page PDF) outlining its support for the proposed regulation and recommending that the FDA have full regulatory authority over all tobacco products and nicotine delivery devices, including e-cigarettes.

"Electronic cigarettes are unregulated, battery-operated devices that contain nicotine-filled cartridges," said AAFP Board Chair Jeff Cain, M.D., of Denver, in the letter. "The resulting vapor is inhaled as a mist that contains flavorings and various levels of nicotine and other toxic substances."

Now, Academy members are invited to lend their voice about this important regulatory issue. Members who want to support the proposed FDA rule can sign their names to an online petition. The names of individuals who sign the petition will be included in a letter sent to the FDA.

But don't delay; the deadline to sign the petition is Aug. 1.

Members who wish to receive more information about this and other AAFP grassroots advocacy efforts may email Molly Brenner at

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