Put AAFP Member Interest Groups on Your FMX Schedule

On Tap: Joint Reception, 11 Individual Group Gatherings

August 18, 2015 03:45 pm Sheri Porter

Family physicians attending the AAFP's 2014 member interest group reception in Washington, D.C., take advantage of networking opportunities; the 2015 event is expected to be much larger with the addition of six additional interest groups.

Rub elbows with like-minded physicians, get those creative juices flowing, and ramp up the enthusiasm!

That's exactly what's in store for family physicians who attend the 2015 Family Medicine Experience (FMX) Sept. 29-Oct. 3 in Denver if they're looking for an opportunity to learn firsthand what's going on with the AAFP's member interest groups.

The first five groups -- created at the urging of family physicians to give voice to the Academy's increasingly diverse membership -- were approved in 2014.

Now, midway through 2015, the number of groups has swelled to 11, and the potential for additional groups is unlimited.

At this year's FMX, family physicians can explore member interest groups focused on

Story Highlights
  • To date, the AAFP has approved 11 member interest groups, all of which will gather individually and at a group reception during the upcoming 2015 Family Medicine Experience in Denver.
  • The AAFP has provided each group with a place to gather and a designated meeting time to network, discuss issues, set goals for the upcoming year and elect new group leadership.
  • A free member interest group reception on Oct. 1 is open to all interested family physicians.
  • adolescent health,
  • direct primary care,
  • emergency medicine/urgent care,
  • global health,
  • hospital medicine,
  • independent solo/small group practice,
  • oral health,
  • reproductive health care,
  • rural health,
  • single payer health care and
  • telehealth.

The AAFP has provided each group a place to gather and a designated meeting time to allow family physicians to network, discuss issues, set goals for the upcoming year and elect new group leaders.

And anyone curious about or involved in any of these groups -- or perhaps considering how to cover a topic area not yet on the table -- won't want to miss the member interest group reception on Oct. 1 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in Lobby D of the Denver Convention Center.

Maggie Riley, M.D., of Ann Arbor, Mich., told AAFP News she recently started the member interest group on adolescent health to give family physicians interested in engaging about the topic a forum to meet and talk, connect on best practices and advocacy, and share resources.

"Adolescents are an underserved patient population with unique health care needs -- and family physicians are uniquely qualified to take the care of them," said Riley.

She added that she was active in the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine and the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine's Group on Adolescent Health and was in the process of transitioning her family medicine practice to care for more adolescents.

"Family physicians provide the bulk of health care to adolescents across the country, and the AAFP member interest group is a great way for us to be able to work together to promote the best care possible for adolescents," she said.

Riley said she found a groundswell of support for the new group. "We recruited 50 people in just a matter of days" and the group now has more than 60 members, she explained.

The group just won AAFP approval in July.

Although the group will have its first gathering at FMX, members already are having discussions online and have come up with a list of their top concerns.

That list includes issues such as confidentiality of health information, contraception, gender and sexual identity, mental health, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, and strategies for adolescent health care delivery in nontraditional settings such as school-based health care centers, detention centers and mobile clinics.

FMX can't get here fast enough for Riley.

"I'm pumped. I’m excited. It will be great to meet people and hear more about what they're doing with adolescent health where they work," said Riley.

She issued an invitation to all interested family physicians.

"We'd love to see anyone who is engaged in adolescent health at our inaugural group meeting. We look forward to collaborating and sharing best practices, and improving the future of adolescent health in our country," said Riley.

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