• New Interest Group Devoted to Home-based Primary Care

    Doctor speaking to patient at patient's home

    Aug. 18, 2021, 3:50 p.m. News Staff — The AAFP Board of Directors recently approved creation of a new member interest group focused on home-based primary care.

    The stated purpose of the Home-based Primary Care MIG is to “provide a forum for collaboration, idea-sharing and advocacy among members who are practicing or interested in home-based primary care.”

    The chair of the new MIG is Thomas Cornwell, M.D., and the vice chair is George Taler, M.D. The MIG is overseen by the Commission on Quality and Practice.

    MIGs give AAFP members a forum where they can network and share ideas. The groups launched in 2014, and members now have 23 MIGs they can participate in.

    Members who have questions about MIGs are encouraged to email MIG support for more information.