• 2022 NCCL Delegates Elect New Leaders

    May 4, 2022, 12:55 p.m. News Staff — AAFP chapter delegates who attended the Academy’s 2022 National Conference of Constituency Leaders in Kansas City April 28-30 elected colleagues to fill various leadership positions.

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    AAFP Board of Directors new physician member candidate: Rupal Bhingradia, M.D., of Jersey City, N.J. (Note: This candidate is to be approved by the 2022 Congress of Delegates in Washington, D.C.)

    New Physician alternate delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates: Laura Murphy, D.O., of Ventura, Calif.; and Kelly Thibert, D.O., of Sarasota, Fla.

    Member constituency alternate delegates to the AAFP Congress of Delegates: Rachel Carter, M.D., of Norfolk, Va.; John Sharma, M.D., of Rockford, Ohio; Matthew Adkins, D.O., of Columbus, Ohio; Jane Simpson, D.O., of Johnson City, N.Y.; Madie Hartman, D.O., of Harrisburg, Pa.; and Delicia Pruitt, M.D., of Bay City, Mich.

    The member constituency alternate delegates represent the following constituency groups: women; minorities; international medical graduates; and LGBTQ+ physicians or physicians who support LGBTQ issues.

    2022 NCCL Convener: Megan Adamson, M.D., of Lafayette, Colo.

    2022 member constituency co-conveners: Simpson and Heidi Yount, M.D., of Arcanum, Ohio (women’s constituency); Hartman and Pruitt (minority constituency); Carter and Sharma (IMG constituency); Murphy and Thibert (new physician constituency); and Adkins and Juan Carlos Venis, M.D., M.P.H., of Indianapolis (LGBTQ+ constituency).

    AAFP delegate to the AMA Young Physicians Section: Jiana Menendez, M.D., M.P.H., of New York

    The AAFP’s Annual Leadership Conference was held virtually in 2021 and was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The recent in-person conference drew 214 attendees for NCCL and 192 attendees for the Annual Chapter Leader Forum.