• AAFP Committed to Addressing the Social Determinants of Health, Striving for Health Equity

    Research Page Into Social Determinants of Health

    AAFP Initiatives

    • The AAFP Center for Diversity and Health Equity
      In April 2017, the AAFP and the AAFP Foundation founded the Center for Diversity and Health Equity. The Center’s mission is to establish the AAFP as a leader in advancing diversity and achieving health equity in primary care.

    • The AAFP’s The EveryONE Project
      The AAFP’s The EveryONE Project offers a variety of resources to help physicians identify and address the social determinants of health that affect their patients.     
    • AAFP Policies on Social Determinants of Health
      The AAFP is dedicated to addressing the social determinants of health, promoting diversity and inclusion, and striving for health equity. The AAFP’s policies establish the AAFP's position and advocacy for community, state and national policies that promote health equity.

    AAFP Legislative, Regulatory Communications
    Providing comprehensive health care that addresses social determinants of health must be built on legislative and regulatory policies that reduce barriers to care and provide pathways that enable patients to get the preventive care and treatment they need.

    The Practical Playbook
    Using practical tools, guidance and resources, the Practical Playbook website provides information for organizations that want to collaborate on improving public health. It includes reports, articles and success stories describing programs that improved public and community health.

    Additional Insights