• Research Page Into Social Determinants of Health

    Multiple studies have identified links between health and income stability, education, social and community conditions, access to housing, healthy food, and opportunities for exercise. People with less education, job instability and poor access to affordable, clean housing are less likely to have access to high-quality, preventive health care and more likely to have preventable health conditions that can develop into life-limiting or life-threatening complications.

    Patients with Multiple Conditions Receive Higher Level of Care in Affluent Areas, Annals of Family Medicine, March/April 2018
    Patients with two or more long-term medical conditions have complex health care needs that can require higher levels of care than other patients. This study finds that patients with multiple conditions who live in affluent areas receive longer doctor visits, greater perceived empathy, and more patient-centered care than comparable patients in socioeconomically deprived areas.

    Community Vital Signs: Taking the Pulse of the Community While Caring for Patients
    Patients’ neighborhoods directly affect their health, and information about those neighborhoods should be a part of each patient’s electronic health record.     

    CDC Research on Social Determinants of Health
    Research, with links to education, income stability and other topics, by CDC authors on several social determinants of health topics expands the scientific evidence that will help build the pathway to health equity.

    CDC Data on Social Determinants of Health
    Interactive data on social determinants of health, such as income, educational level, and employment, can help focus efforts to improve community health. CDC offers tracking tools that reflect CDC resources on health conditions and social vulnerability. Some resources provide county-by-county information.

    Robert Wood Johnson County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
    County-by-county data on length of life, quality of life, education level, insurance coverage, access to healthy food and exercise opportunities, and health behaviors are among the information provided in this interactive site.