• Family Medicine: A Year of Big Moves 

    From advocacy wins to whole specialty empowerment to public health advances, 2023 was a milestone year for family medicine. Learn how the AAFP joined family physicians in rolling up our sleeves and working to change health care for patients, practices, and communities. Here’s all the best from 2023.

    The Most Read Stories

    Throughout the year, the AAFP brought you stories about clinical guidelines and recommendations, profiles about family physicians across the country, and interviews with experts. Here are the top five: 



    Top Resources to Support Careers

    From planning the next step in your career to negotiating a contract to considering retirement, the AAFP has the resources you need. Support your career with

    Tools to Strengthen Physician Practices

    You count on the AAFP to help your practice be more effective. See how we helped shape and nurture practices and physicians in 2023.  

    Simplification Library

    Take back your time with tips, technologies, and transformations that can reduce or eliminate physicians' most common burdens.

    physician looking at laptop

    9 Reasons to Try Value-based Payment

    See why members who have chosen value-based payment think you should try it, plus learn ways to get started.

    Business of Medicine for Physicians

    You don’t have to go back to school for an MBA to get the business skills you need to succeed in your medical practice. 

    Telehealth Resource Library

    Start, expand, or refine your telehealth offerings to provide better care for your patients with a new collection of videos and articles.

    Coding for Evaluation and Management Services

    Make sure you're applying E/M services coding rule changes that can make your life easier. 

    Wins That Advanced Family Medicine

    This year, over 1,000 advocates took more than 4,500 actions to advance family medicine at the local, state, and federal levels. We’re wrapping up 2023 by highlighting some of the major wins that were accomplished thanks in part to you, our dedicated family medicine advocates.

    The AAFP successfully advocated for CMS to implement G2211, a Medicare add-on code designed to pay more accurately for the complex, high-value office visits that you provide.

    CMS finalized a 2024 Medicare Advantage and Part D rule in line with the AAFP’s guidance, streamlining prior authorization requirements and bolstering access to behavioral health services.

    The Academy’s longstanding advocacy to bring primary care out from under the shadow of fee-for-service has commanded respect from the nation’s top regulators.

    The AAFP strongly supported a new bill fulfilling a longstanding advocacy priority to use the Medicare Economic Index to anchor annual increases to the Medicare physician fee schedule's conversion factor.

    The AAFP successfully advocated for the bipartisan Lower Costs, More Transparency Act, which aims to extend the Teaching Health Centers Graduate Medical Education  program for seven years and increase investment. 

    Protecting Physician Well-being

    Nothing is more important than a person’s health, mental and physical. That includes physicians. While you focus on your day-to-day — whether that’s caring for patients, leading a national medical organization or a local health system, or training the next generation of family physicians— you can’t forget about your own well-being.

    I'm Supposed to Be a Leader Too? Strategies for Modeling Team Leadership to Advance Well-being

    Committing to Personal Well-being and a Continuous Process of Self Care

    Tools to Thrive Early in Your Career and Cultivate Joy in Practice

    You are Not an Imposter: Navigating Imposter Syndrome as a Physician

    Banish Burnout: How Team-based Care Can Help

    Physician Well-being Toolkit

    Serving on the Front Lines of Public Health

    Family physicians have been on the frontlines of the emerging and continuing public health threats from the very beginning. AAFP members collaborated with the Academy to continue responding effectively.

    New Immunization Schedules

    Family physicians know vaccines are safe, effective and save lives. The AAFP joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and several other medical organizations to release the new immunization schedules.

    COVID-19 Treatment

    Up-to-date clinical guidance and a new shared decision-making guide will help bolster prevention and treatment of COVID-19 for high-risk patients.

    Teaming up with Public Health Primer 

    Your impact as a family physician can extend well beyond the clinic walls with the support of public health organizations and community-based resources. This primer can help you build on the public health work you may already be doing and identify new opportunities for teaming up with public health.

    Center for Women's Health  

    The AAFP developed a collection of resources and stories enabling family physicians and their teams to partner with women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, encouraging healthy living at all stages of life.

    Alcohol Misuse Resources

    The AAFP developed new training and resources, including CME and an updated Practice Manual, to help you recognize and treat excessive alcohol use in your patients.

    DEI Resources to Keep Family Medicine Strong

    Family physicians treat families across races, cultures, geographies, and social circumstances. The AAFP prioritized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in 2023 to help ensure all patients feel valued and respected as equal members of society. 

    Bolstering the Future of Family Medicine

    Preparing medical students for a successful Match? Check! Residency slots funded in communities of greatest need? Check! Learn how the AAFP is steering family medicine into a bright future. 

    Family Medicine Champions: Inspiring the Next Generation

    A new program prepares individuals to connect with students on the bright future of family medicine. 

    Strolling Through the Match  Guidebook

    Students get practical tips and expert advice to help them match with a family medicine residency. 

    ACGME Changes Let Residents ‘Become Doctors We Want to Be'

    New program requirements for family medicine residents took effect July 1.

    National Conference: Students Build Connections

    Students learn new skills and get information to thrive in family medicine. 

    Historical Match Day: The Largest Class of New Residents

    We celebrate 4,530 medical students and graduates matching into family medicine residency programs.