Patient Stories

An AAFP Member and Staff Members Tell of Their Journeys to Healthier Lifestyles

May 17, 2010 08:00 am Hannah DeClerk

Weight problems and the lack of a healthy lifestyle is something that can affect anyone. These audiocasts tell the story of AAFP Past President Michael Fleming, M.D., of Shreveport, La., who has struggled with weight issues his entire life; AAFP staff member Mike Chamberlain, who relates how his family physician helped him get healthier; and AAFP staff member Diane Schmid, who needed more information to help her change her lifestyle.

Fleming's story of how he reached his "a-ha" moment and his journey toward living a healthier lifestyle can help family physicians better understand how they can reach out to their patients who are overweight or obese. He offers advice to FPs on what worked for him and what might work for their patients, as well.

Chamberlain, who is the director of the AAFP Division of Member and Customer Service, faced up to the need to lose weight and get healthier on his 40th birthday when his family physician educated him on how he could incorporate healthy living into his lifestyle. Her encouragement and the tools she provided helped him learn what he needed to do to lose weight.

Schmid, who is the AAFP CME live programs coordinator, was active as a child, but when she got out on her own, she found that she didn't necessarily have the resources she needed to stay healthy. She is determined to get back to that healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise into her daily routine and learning how to eat healthier.