Class-action Settlement

Thousands of Physicians Eligible for Payment From UnitedHealth Group

April 28, 2010 02:45 pm News Staff

Family physicians could be among the thousands of physicians entitled to money from a class-action settlement with UnitedHealth Group. Notices to potential members of the settlement should be mailed no later than May 28.

According to the AMA, the settlement involves payments to physicians for health care services provided by out-of-network health care professionals.

The class-action suit asserted that for more than a decade, UnitedHealth Group used a flawed database operated by its subsidiary company, Ingenix, to determine its out-of-network payment rates. According to the AMA, use of the flawed database "increased insurers' profits at the expense of patients and physicians."

Although UnitedHealth Group did not claim responsibility in the case, the company settled out of court and agreed to pay $350 million to physicians and patients whose payments were based on the allegedly skewed data.

According to the United Healthcare Settlement website(, physicians have until

  • July 27 to opt out of the class-action settlement,
  • July 27 to file objections to the settlement and
  • Oct. 5 to file a proof-of-claim to share in the settlement fund.

Physicians who receive notices as potential settlement members also will receive all relevant instructions on how to file a proof-of-claim, how to object to the settlement and how to opt out of the settlement. A final fairness hearing is scheduled for Sept.13.

Questions should be directed to Berdon Claims Administration LLC at (800) 443-1073.