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09/14/2018 — Americans spend about 200 percent more per capita on primary care prescription drugs than do patients in 10 comparable countries, according to a recent study, but receive fewer days of therapy.

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Add AAFP Virtual Care to Your Family Medicine Practice

Boost Access, Increase Revenue With Telemedicine

09/12/2018 — Family physicians can now sign up to purchase AAFP Virtual Care, a telemedicine platform designed specifically for FPs in small and medium-sized practices.

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08/29/2018 — The title of a new report from the Robert Graham Center sums up the situation for the community health centers that serve many low-income communities: "High Demand, Low Supply."

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AAFP Decries 50 Percent Cut for E/M Codes with Modifier 25

Rhode Island Insurer Plans Reduction in Payment

08/21/2018 — The AAFP has asked a major private payer in Rhode Island to reconsider a proposed 50 percent cut for certain evaluation and management services.

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