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WHO Compiles List of Essential Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

AAFP-PT Addresses Accuracy of Point-of-Care Testing

06/26/2018 — The World Health Organization has released a list of essential lab tests to ensure patients around the globe receive the right tests and treatment.

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AMA House Backs AAFP's Call for Accurate 2020 Census

Bureau's Plan to Collect Most Data Online Raises Concerns

06/20/2018 — At its recent annual meeting, the AMA House of Delegates unanimously adopted an AAFP-led resolution that focused on the critical need to maintain the integrity of U.S. Census data to ensure appropriate allocation of health care and other funding.

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AAFP Joins Effort to Reverse Costly CPT Modifier 25 Decision

NJ Insurer Cuts Pay for Appended E/M Codes

06/18/2018 — Dozens of professional medical organizations -- including the AAFP and the New Jersey AFP -- recently signed a letter urging two health insurance companies to reconsider an unfair coding policy.

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Study: High-deductible Plans May Impede Preventive Care

Low-income Patients Not Benefitting as Expected From ACA

06/12/2018 — A recent study found that individuals with high-deductible health plans but no health savings accounts are less likely to see primary care physicians, receive preventive care or seek subspecialty services.

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