AAFP Webinar: Prepare for Value-based Payment

Learn to Excel at Quality Measurement, Reporting

October 12, 2016 01:43 pm Sheri Porter

Take a few minutes right now to learn about an event that could really improve your practice, help your patients and protect your bottom line.

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On Nov. 3, the AAFP will present a live CME webinar titled PQRS: Are You Ready? The one-hour webinar on the Physician Quality Reporting System begins at noon CDT.

AAFP members can purchase access to the webinar for $30; the cost to nonmembers is $110. After registering, participants will receive an email with a link to join the webinar on the assigned date. Family physicians who complete this activity can earn 1 Prescribed credit.

As many physicians know, PQRS is a pay-for-reporting system devised by Medicare that requires physicians to submit quality data to CMS. The agency uses quality measures to assess certain aspects of patient care such as health care outcomes, patient perceptions of care and care coordination.

Physicians who do not report 2016 PQRS measures by a certain deadline will receive a 2 percent pay cut on their 2018 Medicare Part B payment.

The presenting faculty for the webinar is Sandy Pogones, M.P.A., a certified professional in health care quality. Pogones serves as the AAFP's senior strategist for health care quality and has a strong background in helping physicians achieve practice improvement.

Pogones told AAFP News that it's essential for members to understand the importance of PQRS and how it relates to payment.

"Family physicians should participate in this webinar because quality measurement and quality reporting is integral to value-based payment, and as we've seen, CMS is moving pretty fast toward payments based on value," said Pogones.

"For that reason, family physicians really need to become adept at quality reporting."

She pointed out that PQRS is what physicians use for quality reporting right now, and even though the program ends at the close of 2016, many parameters of PQRS reporting are being carried over to implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).

Pogones described her target audience as "any physician who has not reported PQRS or wants to learn more about other options for quality reporting."

"Physicians really need to prepare for MACRA now," Pogones stressed. "And if they've traditionally reported via claims or once a year through a registry, they might want to look at more progressive methods of reporting that are highly supportive of their quality improvement efforts."

The overall focus of the webinar is to help physicians report quality measures in the most efficient manner -- "one that will showcase their work in the best possible light," said Pogones.

Above all, at the close of the CME session, Pogones will leave physicians with this message: "To succeed in a value-based payment world, you need to excel at the quality measures you've chosen to represent your practice. Everyone in the office should master daily workflows that will lead to exceptional performance on those measures."

Pogones added that physicians must lead the charge to make measurement and improvement part of the office culture. "Processes need to become routine, automatic and efficient -- with team members knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.

At that point, "the work involved becomes second nature rather than an added burden," she said.

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