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AAFP Looking for Member Videos Showcasing Practice Innovations

May 30, 2017 03:19 pm News Staff

Great ideas are meant to be shared! That's why the AAFP is asking family physicians to unabashedly show off their innovative practice ideas before a wide audience.

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Specifically, FPs who have found solutions to challenges in their practices related to patient engagement, workflow, care coordination, telehealth or population management are invited to shoot a short video -- no longer than three minutes, please -- highlighting their achievements.

So put on your movie director's cap and let's go.

The video should answer these three specific questions:

  • What was the challenge?
  • Why was it important to find a solution?
  • How did the practice solve the challenge or markedly improve the situation?

Consider this hypothetical example: Perhaps a practice has trouble getting patients into the office for appointments, and a good number of "no-shows" leads to gaps in appointments. The practice adds telemedicine visits as an appointment option. That innovation reduces the number of missed appointments and opens up more slots in the schedule for in-office visits.

The end result is an increase in patient appointments, an uptick in practice revenue and reduced angst about those no-shows!

Feel free to shoot footage of your outer office area that has been updated with computers for patients to log in for their visit, or do a walk-around of your clinical office to show off your new multi-pod design. Shoot a selfie or interview patients or staff members about a positive change.

It's up to the videographer to decide how to tell the success story, but the AAFP encourages members to unleash their creativity and have fun with this project. Fancy video cameras are not required -- an iPad or smartphone will do just fine.

The AAFP has even created an online factsheet that includes helpful shooting tips and a link for submitting your videos to the AAFP.

Selected videos will be on display in the Office of the Future exhibit at the AAFP's 2017 Family Medicine Experience to be held in San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 12-16; videos may also be used on the AAFP website.

The exhibit was created through a partnership between the Connecticut Institute for Primary Care Innovation (CIPCI)( and the AAFP.

Don't miss this unique opportunity -- submit your video( by July 7.

Email questions about this project to the AAFP.

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