New Tool Lets Physicians View Status of Quality Measures

CMS, AAFP Aim for Measure Alignment Across Payers

November 28, 2017 03:48 pm News Staff

CMS recently announced a new user-friendly resource that will give physicians and other health care stakeholders better visibility -- and a better understanding -- of the agency's ever-expanding inventory of quality measures( used in various quality, reporting and payment programs.

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The agency touts its new Measures Inventory Tool( as an interactive web-based application that increases transparency.

CMS Chief Medical Officer Kate Goodrich, M.D., writes in a Nov. 20 blog( that she is "pleased to announce that CMS is deploying an innovative tool that provides all stakeholders improved visibility into the portfolio of CMS measures."

She explains that the inventory tool provides a complete list of measures that are under development, have been implemented, or have been removed from a CMS quality program or initiative.

The tool allows users to perform a number of actions. For instance, family physicians and other stakeholders can

  • search for and find measures quickly;
  • compile and refine sets of related measures;
  • identify measures across the continuum of care; and
  • coordinate measurement efforts across all conditions, settings and populations.

Goodrich, who also serves as director of CMS' Center for Clinical Standards and Quality, notes that there's been much focus on alignment of quality measures within CMS and with commercial payers. "We are committed to working toward alignment of these measures to ensure delivery of high-quality care to all Americans while minimizing burden on providers," she says.

"We have expanded the information contained in the inventory to better answer questions we have heard from the public," writes Goodrich.

The AAFP is a loud and persistent proponent of consolidating quality measures and relays that message to CMS at every possibly opportunity -- pointing out that family physicians need relief from confusion and they need it now.

That's why the Academy takes an active role in the Core Quality Measures Collaborative and participated in the creation and release of core measure sets in February 2016.

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