• Transformation in Practice Series Takes on Agenda-setting

    New TIPS Topic Available Free to Family Physicians

    September 20, 2019, 04:53 pm News Staff – The latest topic in the AAFP's Transformation in Practice series, Agenda Setting, is now available at no charge to all family physicians.

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    This offering in the AAFP TIPS collection is aimed at physicians who struggle to fit all of their patients' needs, concerns and questions into that typical 15-minute office visit and put an end to those "hand on the doorknob" moments where patients bring up their main health concern at the tail end of an appointment.

    Product Details

    Family physicians who take advantage of the AAFP TIPS agenda-setting resource will experience three interactive, mobile-friendly online learning courses that

    • give an overview of definitions and cover the challenges of creating a patient visit agenda in a busy primary care practice;
    • address three specific learning objectives that deal with the benefits of previsit preparation for clinicians and patients and identify key steps to successful preparation; and
    • relay tips on how to align visit priorities from the perspective of all involved parties -- physicians, patients and caregivers.

    The resource, authored by Kate Freeman, M.P.H., an AAFP care delivery and payment strategist, also offers seven downloadable tools, including a patient previsit checklist, a script for addressing patient lists, and a role-playing activity to give physicians an opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

    This AAFP TIPS topic, described as an enduring material activity, has been reviewed and is approved for up to 2.0 AAFP Prescribed credits.

    Additional Information

    This TIPS topic varies from others in the series in that it is part of a two-year project that commenced in January and for which the AAFP received funding from the Washington, D.C.-based Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

    As part of this work, the AAFP National Research Network will soon begin recruiting practices to implement the TIPS agenda-setting coursework for the evaluation phase of the project.

    AAFP NRN Research Director Christina Hester, Ph.D., M.P.H., is leading the project. She told AAFP News that the work will "help fortify an avenue for the AAFP to bring research-tested concepts and tools to primary care practice teams."

    Tracey Allen-Ehrhart, manager of the AAFP's Center for Quality and a project co-leader, added that the work began with the recruitment of four advisers: two family physicians and two patients/caregivers.

    She noted that the advisers played a key role in creating the materials; among other things, they

    • encouraged the use of patient-centered language,
    • provided feedback on content and tools,
    • gave guidance on how the tools and training could be used both in practice and to train students and residents, and
    • helped create scenarios for role-playing activities.

    "Excitement about this project is growing. It presents us an opportunity to test a number of things -- working with an advisory group, disseminating research and partnering with the AAFP NRN to evaluate TIPS in practice settings," said Allen-Ehrhart.

    The initial AAFP TIPS project launched in May 2018; the entire project is designed to help busy physicians easily implement practice improvement processes in their practices.

    Previously launched TIPS products guide physicians in

    • patient empanelment,
    • quality improvement,
    • clinical data registries,
    • continuity of care and
    • team documentation.

    Stay tuned; there's more to come. Allen-Ehrhart said the AAFP looks forward to launching two more TIPS topics before the end of the year.