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Helping your patients is your number one priority. It’s why you became a family doctor. Family medicine is the cornerstone of health care for America’s underserved populations. As a family physician, you see the impact of social determinants of health in your practice.

Social Determinants of Health

Tap into resources specifically designed to help you along your mission: Advancing health equity for the wellness of your patients. 

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Population Health

Access resources to address diversity and social determinants of health as they impact individuals, families, and communities.

Geriatric Medicine Self-study Package - 10th Edition

Designed to help family physicians provide the best care to their elderly patients, the AAFP Geriatric Medicine for the Family Physician Self-Study Package is an evidence-based, learning solution built to help you better identify various medical and mental health issues in this patient population.

The AAFP Global Health Summit (formerly the global health workshop) is the place to network, learn, and train with current and aspiring global health advocates.

The AAFP National Research Network strives to conduct, support, promote, and advocate for primary care research in practice-based settings.

Registration is now open for FMX -- the AAFP's largest annual family medicine event. 

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Access reliable health information and patient handouts( for the whole family on, the AAFP's free patient education website. Available in English( and Spanish(