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Family physicians understand all too well how easy it is for time to pass while focusing on family, career, and life in general. However, it’s important for your patients, especially women, to not brush off health concerns. 

Women's Health Concerns

Encourage your female patients to read over's helpful guide( on preventive services. This excellent overview advocates for women to take an active approach to their health as they age. You can also access the AAFP's latest women’s health clinical health recommendations and guidelines, which can help you answer any questions that arise during an exam.

Browse AAFP Clinical Recommendations

Clinical Recommendations by Name

Population Health

Access resources to address diversity and social determinants of health as they impact individuals, families, and communities.

Family Health Matters is filled with trusted medical advice from the AAFP-powered – making it the perfect educational resource for your patients to read while they are waiting to be seen in your practice.

The AAFP Global Health Summit (formerly the global health workshop) is the place to network, learn, and train with current and aspiring global health advocates.

The AAFP National Research Network strives to conduct, support, promote, and advocate for primary care research in practice-based settings.

Skin Conditions and Diseases Self-Study Package - 3rd Edition–New Release!

Expand your competence and confidence in diagnosing and treating skin conditions including bacterial skin infections, common surgical procedures, psoriasis, melanoma, and more.

Looking for accurate, reliable patient handouts?

Access reliable health information and patient handouts( for the whole family on, the AAFP's free patient education website. Available in English( and Spanish(

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