COVID-19: Clinical Resources & Patient Education

Clinical Management

CDC Guidance on Reopening Schools( Family physicians should closely monitor plans to reopen schools in their area and continue promoting routine vaccinations for school-age children to prevent other disease outbreaks.(7/7/20) 

Certain COVID-19 Serology/Antibody Tests Should Not Be Used:( FDA issues a letter for clinical laboratory staff and health care providers to recommend adherence to the FDA's "removal" test list. (6/19/20)

FDA Revokes EUA for Hydroxychloroquine for Treatment of COVID-19:( It has not shown efficacy in its antiviral activity. Data do not support that the benefits outweigh the harms of the drug. (6/15/20)

Newly Discovered Potential Drug Interaction That May Reduce Effectiveness of Treatment:( Co-administration of remdesivir and chloroquine phosphate or hydroxychloroquine sulfate is not recommended as it may result in reduced antiviral activity of remdesivir. (6/15/20)

Communication Toolkit for Migrants, Refugees, and Other Limited-English-Proficient Populations:( A CDC resource for public health professionals to reach populations who need COVID-19 prevention messaging in their native languages. (6/15/20)

CDC Emergency Health Alert - Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children:( This provides an overview and criteria to diagnose the syndrome. Physicians should be aware of symptoms to look for in their pediatric patients. (5/14/20)

AAFP COVID-19 Testing Resources web page: This web page provides information on who to test, access and availability, types of tests, results, specimen collection, and coding and billing. (5/13/20)

Patient-Centered Care for Pregnant Patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic: This joint statement affirms that licensed and accredited hospitals and birth centers will take precautions to remain safe places to give birth. (3/30/20)

AAFP Statement on Breastfeeding and COVID-19:(204 KB PDF) The AAFP recommends promotion of breastfeeding and parent-infant bonding, and avoidance of parent-infant separation. (4/15/20) The AAFP offers additional breastfeeding resources to support your your patients. 

FDA Warning on COVID-19 and Ivermectin:( There's concern that people will self-medicate with the pet heartworm treatment based on the recent release of a cell culture study on ivermectin. (5/1/20) 

AAFP Policy on Prescription of COVID-19 Medications(104 KB PDF): Until further testing is completed, the AAFP cautions against prescribing medications outside of indicated uses. (4/8/20)

Implementing Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19:( Critical workers may be permitted to continue work following potential exposure to COVID-19. (CDC 4/20/20)

Information for Pediatric Healthcare Providers:( Delivery of newborn and well-child care, including childhood immunization, requires different strategies. (CDC 5/29/20)

Guidance for Risk Assessment and Public Health Management of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in Healthcare Setting( (CDC 6/18/20)

Evaluating and Reporting Persons Under Investigation (PUI)( Determine if a patient has symptoms compatible with COVID-19 and should be tested. (CDC 7/2/20)

Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)( How to care for patients with confirmed COVID-19. (CDC 6/2/20)

Guidance for Patients at Risk

AAFP Smoking Cessation Resources for Family Physicians: Tobacco users are more likely to have COVID-19 progression, requiring more extensive treatment and hospitalization. Start the conversation with your patients and use these tools to help them cut their risk. (4/15/20) 

People at Higher Risk for Severe Illness:( People of all ages with underlying medical conditions are more vulnerable, particularly if the condition is not well controlled. (CDC 6/25/20)

Patient Education and Communication

COVID-19 and Health Emergency Preparedness

Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway:( This resource from HHS, which includes COVID-19 information, offers technical assistance on health emergency preparedness to health care organzations and physicians. (6/12/20) 

Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE( Guidance on prioritizing and reusing. (5/18/20)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for COVID-19( Key information for patients and health care professionals. (7/3/20)  

Preparing Communities for Potential Spread of COVID-19( (6/23/20)

Preparedness Resources for Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals( Two checklists identify preparedness actions that can be taken now. (5/12/20)

Preparing for COVID-19: Long-term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes( (6/25/20) 

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations( How to clean/disinfect areas where suspected/confirmed patients havebeen. (5/27/20)

Interim Guidance for Implementing Home Care of People Not Required Hospitalization( Guidance for health care professionals coordinating home care and isolation for patients with confirmed infection. (6/28/20)

Travel: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers( (5/28/20)