Disaster Relief/Disaster Preparedness

Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time. Are you prepared? Is your practice prepared? The AAFP connects you to information and resources you need to be prepared for disasters of many kinds.

CDC Health Advisory Alert

Flu Season Begins: Severe Influenza Illness Reported

Influenza activity is increasing across the country and CDC has received reports of severe influenza illness(content.govdelivery.com).

Prepare Now

Pandemic Influenza

Use these resources to help prepare your office for a pandemic influenza outbreak.

Disaster Preparedness

Customize these easy-to-use disaster preparedness manuals to create a disaster preparedness plan for use in the midst of a disaster or disaster recovery period.

Disaster Preparedness Manuals: Authors and Contributors

Principal Authors

Gail Jones, BA, MICT
Manager, Practice Management
American Academy of Family Physicians

Cynthia Hughes, CPC
Coding & Compliance Specialist, Health Care Financing & Delivery
American Academy of Family Physicians

Emergency Services Editor

Thomas A. Jones, BSc, MICT, TO
Kansas City, KS Fire Department

Special Thanks

The authors thank Terry L. Mills, Jr., MD, the members of the AAFP Member Advisory Panel (MAP), and the AAFP staff who support the MAP for their review and support of this project.

Mona R. Bomgaars, MD, MPH
John Meigs, Jr., MD
Mott Blair, IV, MD
Christine Romascan, DO
Mark Stephens, MD
Steven Strode, MD, Med, MPH, FAAFP
Jacque Admire-Borgelt, MSPH
Cindy Borgmeyer
Melody Goller, CMP
Spencer Stith
Pam Williams

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