Disaster Relief/Disaster Preparedness

COVID-19 Resources

Find the latest information to help you support your practice and patients during the pandemic.

The CDC's infection control practices in the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness section below can also help you respond.

Disasters and emergencies can happen at any time, and family physicians will be a critical resource. Are you prepared? Is your practice prepared?

Find the resources you need to be prepared for many kinds of disasters, from natural events like hurricanes to pandemic influenza.

You can also access the Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway(asprtracie.hhs.gov). This resource from HHS offers information and technical assistance on health emergency preparedness to health care organzations and physicians. It now includes COVID-19 resources.   

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Customize these guides to create a disaster preparedness plan for use in a disaster or recovery period. They can also be used for your patients and staff.

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Influenza activity is increasing across the country and CDC has received reports of severe influenza illness(content.govdelivery.com). Use these resources to help prepare your office for a pandemic influenza outbreak.

Disaster Preparedness Manual Authors and Contributors

Principal Authors

Kait Perry, MPH, Population Health Strategist
American Academy of Family Physicians

Ashley Pool, Global Population Health Specialist
American Academy of Family Physicians

Kara Mueller, Project Manager
American Academy of Family Physicians

Special Thanks

James A. Mobley, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Jim Edwardson, CMPE

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